Consumer Market

[Update 06/22/2018]

I’m leaving this page on the site but it is no longer my plan to sell my FS1000 FTD. Below are my original thoughts on the consumer market for my FS1000 FTD.


I wanted to post a page to discuss my plans for selling my FS1000 FTD product.

I have not decided if I will build this product just for myself to use or if I want to go into production and build these units to sell to anyone.

The biggest problem is cost. The parts are expensive and the labor that goes into building one of these is high in time. I’ve spent about a year working on this as a hobby, with an additional year taken to build a laser machine so I could cut out my own parts. And that includes designing and writing my own CAM software to run on my laser machine (BenCutLaser).

The bottom line is that I don’t see the FS1000 FTD as a consumer product. I would have to sell it for too much money for a private pilot to be able to afford it.

There might be a market for this product at flight schools around the world, at FBO’s (if you’re a pilot like I am, then you know what an FBO is).

While I don’t have a firm and final selling price in mind, I do know it’s going to cost over a thousand Dollars vs costing in the hundreds of Dollars. It’s just not cost-effective for a private pilot, but might be affordable for a flight school.

There might be a way to bring down the cost if the electrical wiring could be done on a circuit board and there was a way to mass produce the FS1000 FTD. However, I don’t have those kind of skills, but going down that path might be a way to open up the sale of the FS1000 to the individual consumer.